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DECL Mechanical / Metallurgical Testing Laboratory in Takoradi, Ghana, as a site laboratory of Metallurgical Testing Labs (MTLabs) of South Africa offers real time sample preparation and testing by our competent technicians. Test certificates are issued by SANAS ISO 17025 accredited laboratory Technical Signatories from MTLabs of South Africa.

Testing services offered include;
Metallurgical/Mechanical Testing
  Bend Testing
  Tensile Tesing
  Impact Testing
  Failure Analysis / Investigation
  Hardness Testing
  Chemical Analysis
  Micro Structural Analysis
  Macroscopic Evaluation

OUR SPEED - *5 PQR in Three(3) Days(72 hrs), *24 Impact Specimens in One(1) Day(24hrs), *1 PQR in Two(2) Days(48 hrs)

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