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Technical training at Danest Engineering Co. Ltd is designed to provide training for personnel involved with welding support groups. Those who need a practical working knowledge of welding - such as engineering, quality control and management personnel - will find these one and two week courses very beneficial. The courses are comprised of approximately 80% classroom lecture/discussion and 20% laboratory demonstration. These classes are not designed to teach the participants to weld (except Program 1 - Welding For Graduate Quality Control/Quality Assurance Personnel). Courses are available to provide either a generalized background - or to target specific areas related to welding. Industry personnel from the following companies have benefitted from one or more of the under listed technical courses:

DANEST ENG. CO. LTD. is a member of the American Welding Society (AWS) and in the process of adopting the AWS SENSE Program in Ghana.  The SENSE program, (Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education), began in the mid-nineties with a grant from the United States Department of Labour to standardize welder training in the U.S. 

AWS also certifies welding educators.  Each welding educator employed by DANEST ENG. CO. LTD. possesses a current Certified Welding Educator certificate from the AWS.  The use of the AWS SENSE program, combined with AWS Certified Welding Inspectors, provide DANEST ENG. CO. LTD. with the perfect platform to provide educational services to the Ghana welding community. 

This platform is focused on the right performance requirements and outcomes for today’s welding student.  Through the SENSE and the AWS certification process, a welder’s credentials can be assessed.  Additionally, a welder’s capabilities are clearly known by the level of credentials they have received, ensuring that a prospective employer knows the welder’s suitability for a particular job.


DANEST-WTTC-TAKORADI offers the following types of training:

Welding Skill Training : Designed to teach actual welding techniques and manipulative skills in all the major arc welding processes – SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW

Technical Training : Designed to teach the theory of welding and related subjects through short courses for technical and management personnel.

Welder Qualification Testing


The purpose of Welding Skill Training at DANEST WTTC –TAKORADI is to teach the welding techniques and manipulative skills required for each major welding process. Welding technique is stressed above welding theory – as the students must be able to meet the welding performance demands of industry. Consequently, a minimum amount of course time (10% to 20%) is spent on book and classroom study. The remaining time is used for supervised welding practice. Students may take courses to develop skill in one major process or in order to achieve broad welding skills as outline in the skilled training courses.

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